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The human body is a very intelligent and complex unit that performs miracles all the time. The discovery of medical cure for some of the symptoms we encounter helps us to stabilise our physical condition. However, it is entirely up to us to start respecting the body, rest and nurture it that it can be recovered fully and function efficiently.

The ancient Chinese philosophy on healing is focusing on treating the cause of the problem rather than the symptom itself. Qi (Chi) is often used.

In simple English, if you have good Qi, it means you have plenty of oxygen and positive energy in your system to allow the internal organs and extremities to function efficiently. If you have bad Qi, it means you have excessive carbon dioxide and other toxins within your body. This could also indicate the gas exchange and waste disposal departments are not efficient.

>Energy Balance within our body is about the distribution of energy we allocate to the function of our internal organs and the functions of our extremities.

There are plenty of different schools of thoughts and practices to help us to focus on our body. Pick and choose what you feel is right for you, practise and enjoy it.

When you find yourself smile so often without apparent reasons. You know you are doing something good for yourself.

Well done