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Back to Basics

When we count, we start with 1, 2, 3

When we sing, we start with do, re, me

The Alphabets starts A, B, C

Old for New

There is an Ancient Chinese teaching in the following strict order of:

    1. Self maintenance

    2. Family establishment

    3. Country in order

    4. Peace under the sky (Peace will prevail)

Self maintenance is about looking after the physical body, incorporating and absorbing knowledge for living.

Once this is achieved, then we consider setting up a family, get a role in the society, and extend our peace to the rest of the world and everybody is happy.

This ancient principle is still very valid in modern day living, although many of us do not realised it.

The Basic natural rhythm

Plants start to grow in spring; blossoms through summer and autumn, then have a rest throughout winter. Some animals hibernate in winter months as it is difficult to find food, so it is better to conserve energy and do nothing.

Babies and children rest a lot of the time. When they are fully charged up, they wake up and play, when they have enough, they curl up and rest.

In the ancient tribal living, men went out hunting when we need food. A fire was lit at night for comfort and social gatherings. When the fire was out, people rested.

In modern days, electricity allows us to live actively throughout the day. This overrides the natural body’s requirement to rest, repair and regenerate.

We simply forgot the basic rule of living – ‘REST’.


How much rest do we need? This is a question with unlimited answers. Therefore the more realistic question would be:

How much rest do we need to meet the basic requirements for a comfortable life?

Now what do you think the answer should be, for YOU?

Everybody’s answer sould be different but you can start by asking yourself a few questions...

How are you FEELING right now?

What are you FEELING?

Can you start to FEEL your body talking to you?