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Mission Statement

This site is a space to encourage everyone to have a brand new FOCUS in life.

To take RESPONSIBILITY of our own body
To Love and Respect our own Body
To explore the magnificent Power of ALLOW

Our body is the oldest and closest friend of our mind and spirit. It has been with us from the day we were conceived. We grew up under all sorts of conditions, some of them we know of and some of them we do not aware of and along the way, only a few of us REALISE how important it is to maintain our own body and how to do it.

We push our body to the extreme limit in the modern busy way of living and abuse it everyday. Most of us are really tired and heavily in debt, not the financially, but the rightful rest of our body.

Itís time to modify the way we live our life. Itís time to start seriously paying attention to our own body, nurture it, love it and respect it. In turn it will reward you with wonderful feelings that you canít wait to wake up to live another day.

Love and Respect start from us first, and then it will be extended to our family, friends, workplace and the rest of the world. Get this order right then your world will naturally be in order.

This site is also dedicated to our ANCESTORS. They are angels with faces or names whom we can relate to; and without them, we will not be here.

ALLOW, everything will UNFOLD in front of your eyes.

Magdalene Mei, July 2006