The prosecutor, William Keahon, leaving the courtroom amid a phalanx of county officers, declined to comment. RANDY GUETHLER: Before the murder, I was known as a gravedigger. It was probably the twentieth or twenty-first of June. He went with Ricky to the woods because he was gullible. DAN PETTY: I think Ricky shouldnt have been able to commit suicide. He was very insecure. MARK FISHER: I was walking up Main Street, just applied for a job at the ice-cream parlor, and I saw Ricky making faces at a window. An outsider. For two weeks Ricky thought that because theyre gonna build houses up there that theyd stumble across the body in like a year or so. There was no moon and theres a lot of paths up there, and we had the tunes cranking Sabbath, Ozzy, Judas Priest. could happen. He always said how much better his life would be if he was dead. A hearing on the charges was set for Monday. Ulf Kjell Gr We hung out. Its sick: Ive seen thirteen-year-old girls running around with RICKY LIVES on their T-shirts. Ricky is the acid king. He did those things well enough on his own. After court, he left him off in front of the Midway store. The jury acquitted Troiano since his lawyer argued that the teen was so high the night of the murder he was incapable of distinguishing reality from the effects of the drugs. Kasso and Troiano were arrested the next day. We want your mother to be the leader of it. See, my mother has these powers. This is a digitized version of an article from The Timess print archive, before the start of online publication in 1996. We put our cigarettes in it. Find Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and TikTok profiles, images and more on IDCrawl - free people search website. He used to sleep in my garage sometimes, in my 69 Fairlane. Faced with contradictions between his testimony and earlier statements, he said that what he had told a grand jury investigating the murder was ''pretty much'' the truth. Then another friend got hit by a truck, riding his ''I heard 'knife wounds' and I thought, it can't be. I wasnt going to rat them out, because whats, like, another body? Tissue had darkened and blood had drained. After Ricky stabbed him, Gary took off, ran, and Ricky got him, just like that. RANDY KORWAN, Vietnam vet, 33: I honor Kasso. BOY AT WAKE: I was there when they threw the knife in the harbor. Kasso and the "Knights of the Black Circle" did many strange Indeed, the sinister reality was Kasso acted on his own, not in the name of some larger, formidable cult. The issue of cults never entered the trial. Neither his parents nor his friends notified the police he had vanished. Ricky was sweet. Welcome To Clearway Hypnotherapy. BRIAN HIGGINS, 16: Gary had disappeared so often, you wouldnt think about it. MIKE LION MENTON, 17: Everybody was fucked up that night. In July of 1984, a story originating out of Long Island, New York began to make headlines throughout the world. Thats where he was wrong. It is speculated The evil was within that one individual. So Ricky kicked the door of his fathers red Corvette, dented it. love you, mom." (Gary Lauwers was among those who watched.) Groups of young people gather on the sidewalk and around cars in the parking lots by the harbor. They had to keep doing things so people would think they were great. Thats a little different. " What is interesting is that several people They were beating him up, and then Gary took out a pipe and was lighting it up. It was probably I was committed to Gary. After two months, they finally crashed my friends car. ''They were asking us, you know, if we believe in Christ,'' he said. They put around graffiti, RICKY LIVES, DEAD OR ALIVE. satanic ritual in which they tried to call forth the devil. the twentieth or twenty-first of June. Jimmy and Ricky always carried knives in their jacket pocket.And he said, I dont carry a knife. I said, I dont carry one either. He said, Thats good, youll just end up stabbing somebody. He said he was tired of living on the streets and was gonna get himself into a rehab program. During the stabbing, Lauwers allegedly called out for his mother, saying, "I ''It was a long deliberation, and, therefore, you can conclude it was well thought out.''. They would laugh about it and shit. middle. Includes free contact info & photos & court records. They left bones cleaned of Mr. Troiano watched the murder but did not participate, Mr. Quinones said. I don't think anybody but God knows what happened that night.''. He said he was never gonna trip again. Ill be back for dinner. His parents got fed up with it. cheerleader was killed by young witch in a `Kids in the Dark,' a new play based on the murder; The Killing Of A Suburban A-frame and jumped off. Ricky Kasso was born to a local high school history teacher and his wife in the quiet suburbs of New Yorks Northport community on Long Island. Man, this fucking dude, thanks a lot, man, wherever you are. Rikki Kasso of Northport. . Everyone was his friend. It was so real. After, he just came up to me and said, I buried the body. I said, Thank God., Then this other guy asked me about Gary, up at the loading docks. I was massively depressed. Id like to be back in Woodstock. They thought the devil possessed the tape, and there were all these, you know, different voices. The press came howling and sniffing. the motive: "My son didn't use drugs," she said recently. By night's end, a dispute over stolen drugs would result in Kasso stabbing Lauwers several times before gouging out his eyes. Jimmys girlfriend told me at the Firemans Fair, Really, I didnt believe him. He called himself the acid king and began to dabble in devil worship. It freaked me out after I heard about things I helped aid him in the cure of his poison ivy gotten burying a friend of mine. To preserve these articles as they originally appeared, The Times does not alter, edit or update them. After that, he comes up to a group of my friends who the clubhouse all the time. Hed talk about his drug deals openly: Mom, Im going down to get a few hits of mesc. Hed get eighty dollars and go out and buy a twenty-five-dollar bong and spend the rest on weed and smoke it all that night. Mutilation murder of his fangs. "In June 1984 in Northport, New York, Ricky Kasso and James Troiano were I was massively depressed. Where evil dwells Thats all. This scene portrays Ricky committing a satanic murder near Amityville. What they did say was 'Satan will come They said, Garys dead. I ran into my grandmothers kitchen, grabbed the biggest knife I could find and booked out into the backyard. MARK FISHER: Ricky had twenty-five hits of mesc in a little stash bottle down at the park. Mr. Kasso, 17, who was charged as a co-defendant, committed suicide two days after his arrest while in police custody. A few were taken to the site, a ten-minute walk from the quaint main drag and harbor park of Northport, Long Island, to view the corpse, a dissolving trophy. ", <